Why do diabetics lose their limbs?



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    The main reason people lose their limbs while diabetic is that they have not gotten their disease under control through a proper diet and medication. Without exercise and medication, diabetes can damage the circulatory system which then leads to poor circulation in the limbs and amputation.

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    Most diabetic people lose their limbs due to ulcers that form and do not heal properly, necessitating an amputation.  A research team from the University of Bristol, UK, found that there were some skin changes that preceed the formation of an ulcer may also contribute to the problem.  It seems that there is an abnormally fast formation of collegen (a connective tissue) combined with poor vascularization (low blood supply) allowing the formation of ulcers more easily. Staying active as a diabetic combined with the use of special constricting socks can help diabetics keep their limbs healthy longer.

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