Why do cows have more than 1 stomach?



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    Contrary to popular belief, cows do only have one stomach.  However, this misconception stems from the fact that their one, large stomach has four different sections.  The largest section is called the Rumen and that is where the undigested food begins to digest and is stored before it is fully digested.  When a cow eats grass, it enters the Rumen, comes back up for the cow to -chew again, and then re-enters the Rumen.  The food then goes through the remaining three sections, the Reticulum, Omasum, and Adomasum.  

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    Cows are classified as ruminants because of their four sectioned stomachs. Ruminants developed these unique stomachs as a way to eat and get nutrients from plant material that would otherwise be very difficult to digest. This type of stomach enables them to break down extremely fibrous material, and reacts differently to different types of feed. In this way, their digestive systems sort of adapt to whatever they are eating. In fact, immature ruminants don’t ruminate at all, because they are living off milk.

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    COWS eat herbivorous animals.So they eat more grassy products and so on need lots of digestion process,bacteria present inside the stomach take a certain time period to process the complex food.Cellulose doesnot complete break down into simpler forms in less time.There are two alternatives for this one to have powerful and fast digestion process i.e. we need to ask the bacterias to work fast , which is not possible at all or in other way to have more than one digesting equipment i.e . stomach

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