Why do companies have such a hard time going green when it would save them money?



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    A large part of that is cost. Installing solar panels or buying carbon modeling software is expensive. Even if solar panels eventually pay for themselves, the initial cost may be too much for a company. Besides that, older companies are already set in their ways. ‘Going green’ may require them to change infrastructure and administrative processes, which would require more money and time to retrain and reorganize. As such, it’s generally easier and cheaper (in the short term) for companies to simply stick with what they’ve already been doing.

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    A donation to charitable organizations was the only thing corporations may have done in the past, which was nice, but today communities look at the corporations in their area to act responsibly to their environment and their people. They can influence these corporations by not buying products which are not eco-friendly and pressure them until the company develops one that is. Also, the company does not realize the enormous business benefits because “going green” improves their reputation and helps to save the environment.

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