Why do cloudy days get you sun burned faster?



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    Contrary to popular belief, it is still possible to get sunburn when the sun is covered by clouds. On lightly overcast days, ultraviolet radiation levels can be just as harmful as those on a clear day. Clouds block visible light from the sun, but UV radiation has smaller wavelengths than visible light, allowing it to pass through the clouds. UV rays are usually lower on cloudy days than those on sunny days. Clouds can, however, also lead to increased UV levels. As the sun passes through the couds, UV radiation rises and falls. To say that one may be more susceptible to sunburn on cloudy days is not completely true. It all depends on the level of UV radiation at the particular time of day, time of year, location, altitude, and reflective surfaces. Cloudy days may not make one more susceptible to sunburn than on sunny days, but it is certainly possible to obtain the harmful effects just as easily.

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