Why do citronella candles keep bugs away?



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    One reason citronella candles work is due to the strength of their scent. The strong, lemony smell of citronella oil overpowers the mosquitos sense of smell, which they do not like. It also makes it difficult for mosquitos to find their host as their natural odor is masked by the citronella. Though it does not keep all mosquitos and other bugs away, citronella candles can reduce mosquito bites by 42.3%. They are more affective if used with citronella incense, though the candles repel more bugs than the incense do. 

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    Keep in mind that citronella candles have limited range. A single candle on the patio won’t protect you, and the closer you are to the candle the better the protective effects.

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    It’s because of citronella scent. Insects can’t stand that.
    However only using citronella candles is not enough, because the maximum effect is obtained only in the area where the smoke is concentrated. Unfortunately this is usually a suppressed fact by many sellers. I myself had to learn it a hard way because of that. So for the best results you should use the combination of citronella candles and citronella oil.

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