Why do cities not care that bottles and cans and plastic food domes are just thrown into the most convenient trash can by the consumer ?

The city where I reside says that they cannot require consumers to recycle. They sure can require that taxes and water bills are paid. Why that something that’s so beneficial for the economy and the planet is not followed through with. ? I look in restaurant dumpsters occasionally to pull out aluminum cans , and find large metal food cans , and milk jugs (Especially at Starbuck’s ) in large plastic bags mixed with food scraps, coffee grounds, and lids, cups, straws, & napkins. The blue recycle dumpster is never more than 10 feet away. What’s in it ? some cardboard ! This is Norman Jaffe , jaffe.norman5@gmail.com



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    Like you said, it’s probably not that they don’t care that recyclables are put in the trash; they just don’t have any legal precedent at this point.  Recycling is still catching on, and for some businesses it is just more convenient to throw things out.  I agree that there should be provisions made that require certain items to be recycled, but in the case of your restaurant dumpsters there are a few possibilities.  A lot of places don’t have single stream recycling, so it is possible that the blue dumpster that you are talking about only is allowed to have cardboard in it.  That was the case at one of my previous jobs.  If not, then it is just more convenient for them to throw everything in one bag, which is really no excuse but happens a lot.  At this point there are no laws requiring people to recycle, so there is little that you can do, but I expect in the future that green minded cities will make laws to handle this.

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    I saw an interesting solution to this problem when I was in Atlanta for a flight transfer. In the airport, there were these giant waste machines that would automatically sort every piece of garbage that went in based on material. I have no idea how that works or how expensive that type of thing would be. To me it doesn’t seem practical, but it’s encouraging that the problem has been recognized, and that people are being innovative and trying to find solutions.

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