Why do cigarette companies put tar into their products?



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    Cigarette tar is the general name for all of the various toxic chemicals put into cigarettes during production. the filter is supposed to catch the tar, but it doesn’t work as well as it’s supposed to. Some of these chemicals come from the pesticides used on the tobacco plants (arsenic and cyanide, for example), or are used to boost the effect of nicotine (ammonia), or as flavoring agents or preservatives. All in all, there are 599 permitted additives to cigarettes, and while most of them are safe in food, no one really knows what happens when they are burnt as they would be in a cigarette.  

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    I am sure they say it is for flavoring, but it is likely to help get people more addicted. All of the ingredients are to get people as hooked as much as possible. Many people don’t even care about the cost being over 10 bucks in New York! Children still smoke and college students are even worse. 

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    Cigarette tar is actually NOT put into cigarettes. In fact, it doesn’t even exist in raw tobacco. Rather, it is generated when tobacco (or any other organic material) is burned. Only when a cigarette is burning is tar actually produced.

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