Why do Christians deny carbon dating techniques in some cases but use them to argue points in the Bible in other cases?



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    It’s called hypocritical convenience, well I just made that up. In any case, any group religious or not is gonna argue against those who oppose their views and use any means necessary to prove theirs to be truthful. They are hypocrites yes, for denying carbon dating when it comes to evolution or many things dated more than 5,000 years, and then in turn using it to prove their own date-relevant stories. In times when people seem to seeping out of the religious mindset, religion needs a way to keep people close to their beliefs, even if using science is an option.

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    Unfortunately humans have a tendency to be very hypocritical at times. It is not limited to Christians, although in my opinion, religion has been the engine behind some of the biggest hypocrites in history. I think people are intrinsically predisposed to bias, and ideologies of morality (like religion) can bring out the worst of these traits in some people.

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    In the cases Christians deny carbon dating, their beliefs tell them that it is impossible for the results to be accurate.  The Bible says that the earth is only about 6000 years old.  Christians believe that the Bible was written by God, so whatever it says is necessarily true, and true from a perspective that as humans we can never experience.  The reason we can never experience God’s perspective is Satan.  Since it is Satan’s nature to act against God’s will, Christians believe that Satan plants certain data, artifacts, and methods of learning (e.g. carbon dating) in order to confuse humans from discovering the truth. 

    In the cases Christians use carbon dating to argue points in the Bible, it can either be seen as hipocrisy or not.  Even if the results of carbon dating are skewed by Satan, at times they correspond to what is written in the Bible.  For those who do not believe the Bible is infallible, the Bible must be explained in terms they believe.  Usually, this is science. 

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