Why do chickens lay so many more eggs than any other type of bird?



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    Great question!
    Well in part, humans intentionally bred hens that were good layers, so genetically they’re domesticated and bred to lay lots. Also, in domestication, their eggs are continually taken away from them. As natural loving mothers, they will lay more eggs, as they are taken away. If one were to leave the eggs be, let the hen have them, she would begin to brood and try to hatch them.

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    As veganrevolution said, selective breeding is the reason why chickens lay lots of eggs. Even among chickens, different breeds lay different quantities of eggs. Some chickens are raised more for their meat than their ability to lay eggs, while some are bred for the way they look much like dogs are bred to look a certain way. I like having three different breeds of chickens because they look awesome! Although chickens are not nearly as smart as dogs, they are also bred to be more happy living with humans. Barred Rocks (essentially the Plymouth Rock on the list) are known for being more friendly than other chickens and lay lots of eggs.

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