Why do CFL’s produce “blue” light?



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    Compact fluorescent light bulb tubes are lined with phosphor which is part of what makes them function.  When the phosphor molecules are in an excited state they transform ultraviolet energy into light we can see.   The temperature and color of the light is determined by what kind of phosphor is in the bulb.  CFLs come in different color temperatures.  The lower color temperatures make warmer light.  The higher color temperatures as seen in the “daylight bulb” CFL create a slightly bluish light.    The daylight bulb is supposed to match afternoon sunlight which like the bulb has a color temperature between 5,000 and 6,500 K.

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    You can avoid the blue-ish light by purchasing “soft white” CFL bulbs.  They are designed to resemble the light emitted by incandescents (which production is being ceased on in 2012).  You can also purchase LED bulbs in soft white. 

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