Why do cats sleep so much?



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    Kitty sleeping behaviors are genetic and have evolved from domestic cat’s wild counterparts. Because in the wild, cats use vast amounts of energy to hung for their food, they take lots of rest between huntings, thus, cats naturally sleep around 16 to 19 hours a day.

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    It’s a matter of energy conservation, as kristin.n.lamb said. In the wild, cats need to save energy between hunts, which are energetically expensive. Now, in domesticity, they seem “lazy”, but it’s only because circumstances have changed before their evolutionarily-mediated behavior could, and they no longer need the energy they’re conserving. If you watch any documentary about lions, you’ll see that they spend most of their time lying around in the shade, and hunts are actually very brief occurrences in which the cats spend all the energy they’ve been saving to secure a meal.

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