Why do cats seem to hate water?



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    Cats may not like water–getting wet–because it may disturb the insulating abilities of their fur and reduce the prevalence of their own scent on their fur. However, large cats such as lions do like to swim in the water and domestic cats, if introduced from a young age, can become acclimated to swimming and bathing.

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    It depends on the cat of course, and domestic cats are different from wild cats. For many animals it is just the issue of being forced into a bath that they resent. Let them do it on their own terms.

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    Not all cat species hate water- big cats have been observed swimming in the wild to fish and cool down and Turkish Van cats love swimming- but the majority of domestic cats have little interest in immersion. A big reason why some cats have a negative association with water is because of previous bad experiences or because it was not their choice.
    Some cats love paddling in water, pawing at a faucet, or standing in the rain while others can’t tolerate even a few drops. This is because cats are often taught to associate water with forced bathing or punishment so their reaction to water is based on their past experiences.
    They also have sensitive lungs and can get sick easily if they get cold.

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    Not all cats hate taking a dip, it depends on each cat’s habitat and lifestyle. Larger cats like Lions, Jaguars, and Tigers who live in hot, arid climates, are more likely to gravitate to water than the average Snow Leopard, Bobcat, or Cougar. Since most domestic cats are self-groomers, they are not introduced to the concept of bathing as young as dog are. However, according to Sandi Sawchuk, a clinical instructor at the School of Veterinary Medicine, show cats who are bathed often and at a younger age become quite used to it. Many pet owners turn to a squirt bottle or water gun when discliping cats, reinforcing the concept of fearing water. Every cat has its own personality, and likes to do things at their own pace.

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    According to Sandi Sawchuk, a clinical instructor at the School of Veterinary Medicine (University of Wisconsin, Madison), the reason why many house cats have developed a disliking of water is us, the owners. Since cats can groom themselves, most cat owners/caretakers find it unnecessary to bathe them, hence not exposing them to water. As a result, house cats are typically virgins to water, allowing them to find it mysterious and dangerous.

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    this is because they have never been taught to swim so they are scared that they will drown also it adds more heavieness to their fur that’s why after you put them in water they lick themselfs

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    Domestic cats are afraid of water because petkeepers never introduce water as a way of bathing for cats. Since cats tend to groom themselves and generally only come in contact with water for the purpose of drinking they are never taught to swim. Therefore, they have a fear for something they are unfamiliar with.

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