Why do carrots in my garden come in different colors?



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    Carrots naturally come in a variety of colors including purple, yellow, red and white. Orange carrots were a 17th Century invention that quickly became extremely popular. The carrots you have are probably perfectly healthful, but are from one of the–now more exotic–natural varieties.

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    Researchers have developed carrots in all different colors, each with different health benefits for the carrot consumer.
    (It is always important to remember when you’re eating produce, a carrot for instance, the product you’re eating is a highly specialized product of selective breeding for commerial appeal. Big orange carrots at the store look nothing like wild carrots. Corn today looks nothing like corn 150 years ago).
    So, besides orange, carrots can be red, purple, yellow, or white, each with their own benefits. Red carrots contain a kind of carotene that is believed to prevent some types of cancer, and the pigments in purple carrots, called anthocyanins, are powerful antioxidants.

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