Why do animals blow bubbles under water?



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    Animals blow bubbles for protection, breathing, moving, and play. For a great description, check out this link:

    here’s a teaser…
    Bubble Homes—young spittlebugs create and spend all their time growing-up in bubble (or ‘spittle’) homes

    Bubble Blasts—some insects spray bubbles to fend off predator attacks

    Bubble Breathers—aquatic insects can carry bubbles of air from the surface, and breathe through these bubbles while swimming underwater

    Bubble Hunters—backswimmer hunters tote bubbles down to hiding spots, clinging to underwater plants…when they seek their prey, they let go of the plant and float up on its buoy-like bubble to grab the unsuspecting animal

    Bubble Play—dolphins communicate with bubble streams and blow bubbles just for fun

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    Depending on the animal, some blow bubbles for leisure, survival, or for smell. Some insects, like grasshoppers, will spray lots of bubbles at any predator that is approaching them. Dolphins blow bubbles not only for leisure, but to as a form of communication. Mammals use bubbles as a sense of smell. Fish will build bubble nests when they are happy or looking to mate.

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