Why do bears attack?



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    A bear attack is a very rare ocurrence. In fact, bears generally will try to avoid contact with human beings. No one really knows why a bear would ignore this instinct and attack a human. One common reason is to seek out food. If you’re cooking in the woods and you don’t change your clothes or wash up much, the smell of the food can linger on you, and bears may be attracted to it.

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    78% of all bear attacks on humans result from encountering a mother bear with her cubs.  Mother bears, or sows, are very protective of their young, and will attack you if you’re perceived as a threat.  Catching a bear off guard could also result in an attack, so if you’re romping around in bear country, make sure to make a lot of noise so that bears can hear you coming from a distance, and move on.  A bear will also attack if it feels its food supply is in danger.  If you come across a dead animal in bear country, move out of the area, as bears will often eat for several days and stay near the kill so as to protect it from scavengers.  These are the most common sorts of bear attacks, but there are some rare situations in which the bear intends to eat you. 

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    Bears are more likely to attack if they feel threatened, surprised or are trying to protect their young. Bears adjusted to people and campsites can be particularly dangerous because they’re unafraid, and may believe humans are competing with their food source.

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