Why do be eat both plant and animal product




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    Many people incorporate both animal products and produce into their diet because humans are considered an omnivorous species. Though this is a highly contested conclusion, there are various factors that point to the fact that humans are adapted to consume meat as well as plant products. These factors include the shape and structure of our teeth, our jaw structure, and our evolutionary history.

    That is not to say, however, that it is necessary for one to incorporate meat into their diet. Many, if not all of the nutrients found in meat products may also be found in vegetables, legumes, fruits, and other sources of food.

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    The argument of whether humans are omnivores or herbivores is still very highly active.

    The jaws of carnivores move up and down, and herbivores move side to side. Omnivores move both way.

    Human saliva is alkaline and contains digestive enzymes, like herbivores.

    Carnivores have shorter intestines than herbivores, because nutrients from meat can be absorbed quickly and food can’t rot where as vegetation takes a longer time. Humans have very long intestines.

    Generally, herbivores have flat edged teeth and carnivores have sharp teeth, especially in the front. It is claimed that some plants have silica that reassembles small pieces of glass that ends up wearing down the teeth, making them more flat. Our teeth look like carnivore or herbivore teeth. Although, our closest relatives have sharp scary teeth also and very rarely, if ever, eat meat.

    In terms of nutrition, we do not NEED to eat meat. We can get all nutrients from our food and we can produce some amino acids, like taurine that is essential and only found in meat (why cats can’t be vegan, because they cannot produce taurine like humans and dogs).

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