Why do bays get so polluted when it rains?



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    The reason why bay’s get so polluted when it rains is because of all the negative particles that get washed away. This type of pollution is called stormwater runoff.

    When it rains, instead of hitting vast forests of trees and plants it hits concrete and asphalt. This disallows any water to seep into the nutrient rich ground, instead it washes over impervious surfaces (roads, rooftops, parking lots) and washes out down the drain, into the nearest water source which in most cases is a local bay.

    With the water comes everything that sits on the impervious surface which are elements like lead, and zinc from tires and breaks, to oil from cars. In addition are things like fertilizers that cause major damages to local bays and tributaries in addition to other chemicals and soot from construction sites.

    Some very popular areas of vast research on this particular problem are the San Fransisco Bay, Chesapeake Bay, The Florida Everglades and Biscayne Bay.

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