why do bats live in caves?



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    Bats are nocturnal creatures and require a dark, cool, and safe place to literally hang out in during the day. By hanging upside on the ceiling, bats are out of sight and reach to most of it’s predators. Bat colonies can have millions of members, some as large as 20 million.

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    The nocturnal nature of bats causes them to seek out safe and dark places to sleep during the day. Some bat species live in colonies that consist of members that can number into the millions. Large caves provide ideal homes for bats.

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    Bats don’t always live in caves. For example, the Congress Avenue Bridge spans Town Lake in downtown Austin and is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America. The colony is estimated at 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats. Each night from mid-March to November, the bats emerge from under the bridge at dusk to blanket the sky as they head out to forage for food. The bats provide a valuable service to the Austin community by consuming between 10,000 to 30,000 pounds of insects nightly.

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