Why do bats hang upside down?



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    There are a number of reasons why bats hang upside down. First of all, it puts them in an ideal position for takeoff because unlike birds, bats don’t launch off the ground. Another reason is that this position protects them from predators. Hanging upside down is a great way for bats to hide from danger. Most importantly, it helps them preserve as much energy as possible during hibernation. “By hanging from a safe and secure perch, and locking this joint, the bat can drift off into a torpor without
    worry of falling. Since it does not need to use any muscle to hold it’s
    grip the bat can “sleep” for as long as its body fats can sustain it.”

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    Since bats are nocturnal, they spend their days roosting upside down from the roof of a cave or other secret spot. First, by sleeping this way, they put themselves in a prime position for takeoff. Bats cannot fly from a stationary position and their legs are not strong enough to get a running start. Instead, they are able to fall into flight. Hanging from secluded areas helps protect them from predators, and it is a location with very little competition. Interestingly, bats do not exert any energy to hang upside down. The weight of their bodies pulls their talons closed over whatever they are grabbing onto, meaning that they are secure without exhausting their muscles by gripping something. The only energy spent will be at takeoff, when the bat relaxes its grip to release.

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