Why do bats like dark and damp places to live?



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    It’s not actually the damp they’re looking for. Not all caves are even very damp inside. It’s the shelter provided by caves that’s important. They’re safe places for the animals to roost, shielded from the elements. Many bats also roost in hollowed-out trees (or simply in trees, in the case of flying foxes) and other natural crevices, and even under bridges and other man made structures (you can build a bat roosting boxes). They just need a secure place to roost during daytime. Furthermore, many bats in temperate regions depend on a handful special caves that will provide the right temperature and safety to wait out the winter.

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    Furthermore, bats are nocturnal. They do not use sight as their primary sense, but rather their sense of hearing and rhythm – process called echolocation. In this way, they are able to find prey, and they are also able to locate each other. One can see how a bat that has a superior sense of hearing (some bats like the Megachiropterans also use their excellent sense of smell) and does not need its sense of sight to survive, would be a superior species in a dark environment. Along with shelter, the dark cave environment provides bats with a space in which they can thrive over other species.  

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