why do animals behaive the way they do



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    This is a very in depth question.  Simplest answer is because that is how they survive.  Think of them as humans.  Everything you do is to fulfill some desire.  You eat when you are hungry.  Sleep when you are tired.  Flirt when you find someone attractive.  The general assumption is that most animals act on instincts and do so to fulfill their baser needs, food, safety, reproduction, sleep.

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    There is quite a bit of research that goes into trying to answer this question and to understand even more fundamentally how do animals act. Think of Jane Goodall and all her years of work observing the societies of chimpanzees in Tanzania; some of her observations helped to answer why the chimps act the way they do, but initially she was trying to gain a better understanding of just how they behave.

    Other fundamental questions in a similar vain are animals aware that they behave in a certain way? to what degree is their behavior hard-wired or learned? do animals behave to maximize their own survival, their children’s survival or their species survival. You could spend a lifetime trying to answer a small peice of any of these questions.

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