Why do animal activists oppose the fast food industry?



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    Animal activitists tend to oppose the fast food industry due to the process of acquiring the ingredients used in it. Fast food restaurants love to brag about all their 100% real beef, but when you consider how much they sell world wide each year, you come to the slow realization of just how many cows have to be slaughtered in order to maintain business. They sell a lot of breakfast foods, and eggs and cheese are both animal byproducts.

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    It seems that animal activists oppose the fast food industry because of their need to do everything fast.  It turns out that they are able to serve up all those speedy meals because they don’t allow nature to go at its own pace and because of this many animals are severely harmed in the speeding up process. 

    PETA just recently won its Murder King campaign on Burger King’s unethical treatment of animals proving a victory not only for PETA but also for the hundreds of thousands of animals that were suffering at the hands of producers attempting to speed up a naturally “slow” process of growth and maturation.

    From PETA’s investigation of Burger King it turns out that fast food chains typically house animals in cages with significantly more animals than necessary making it impossible for the birds/cows/pigs to stand upright or take a breath, let alone stretch a leg.  Suppliers were also accused of force-molting hens.  Apparently this process starves the birds which in turn forces them to lay more eggs.  Slaughterhouses have also been charged with unhealthy/unhumane handling of animals.  Although specifics were not given one can only imagine what this means.

    Since the campaign, Burger King is now the leader in animal rights for the fast food industry and has since petitioned the U.S. Department of Agriculture to enforce and regulate the Humane Slaughter Act.  Also worth mentioning, since the campaign, Burger King has agreed to stop all of the harmful acts described above and has agreed to regular and consistent checks to make sure that they are following true to their word. 

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    Because they use so much meat that comes from factory farms.  Many people don’t consider where their Big Mac came from, they just want a cheap, quick burger.  But that cow had a miserable life, as do all the animals that turn into fast food.  Factory farming is a gross practice that needs to be stopped, and by targeting the fast food industry, it helps activists bring attention to the dire situation.  

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    One of the biggest reasons, like everyone else mentioned, is due to the inhumane treatment of the animals. Fast food restaurants need large amounts of meat for their large customer base. In order to obtain that in a cheap manner, the animals aren’t given the best living conditions. It’s a sad cycle and one of the reasons why I don’t eat fast food. 

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