Why do amusement parks close during the winter?



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    There are likely many reasons for this, but I think the main reason is attendance. People aren’t as thrilled to visit an amusement park in the cold because of the wind rushing against your face on many rides, and less guests mean less money for the parks.  Also, it is likely that maintenance duties are made more difficult by the cold.

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    Yes, it is entirely due to weather. Not only are people not enthusiastic about going out in the winter, but it is not safe to operate much of the machinery, and the dangers are multiplied when ice, wind, snow, and other inclement weather is involved.

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    Amusment parks close because when it gets colder and colder, the metal on the rides shrink because of convection. Try it yorself! get a ring stuck on your finger and put it in cold water and it will get tighter. Then, put it in hot water, it gets big and falls off ur finger!

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    Amusement parks in geographically cold areas must close during the winter season because of the weather, like snow and blizzards. If the weather is not nice, most people wouldn’t want to spend time walking around outdoor amusement parks. 

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