Why do all other countries have more diesel engines than the United States?



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    Diesel generally just has a bad reputation in the US. For a long time, while US-made cars were still popular, we were churning out some pretty bad diesel vehicles. They were noisy, smelly, and dirty. Secondly, diesel has traditionally cost more that regular gasoline (even if diesel does get better gas mileage. It’s sticker shock). The US government taxes diesel pretty heavily as well.

    Diesel is more popular overseas (especially in Europe) for a couple of reasons. Their diesel cars, which are seen as a luxury in the US, are the norm. In Germany, for example, if you can afford to get a driver’s license and buy a car (a German driver’s license costs over $2000), you can certainly afford diesel. European diesel cars are also better made than the US-manufactured diesel cars of yesteryear, and do not garner special attention for noise or smelliness. Lastly, many European countries tax gasoline more than they do diesel, making diesel sometimes a cheaper option.

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