Why do 50% to 75% of trees planted by homeowners die within a couple years?

We environmentally-conscious homeowners spend all this money and time on buying trees, soil, and mulch from local nurseries, transporting and digging in our yards…and it’s usually all for nothing. How are we homeowners supposed to help re-populate the dwindling tree populations of the world if it requires such specialized expertise to do it?



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    A few initial reasons simply put:  1. The tree is simply going into shock, not dying; 2. The tree is getting over-watered or under-watered; 3.  The soil or climate is not suitable/ appropriate for the tree’s needs; 4. Whether or not the tree was given enough space when planted (was the hole dug deep enough, is the grass close to the baby trunk–grass can leech vital nutrients from the tree).

    To plant a tree, my advice is to “study-up” on that species.  Find out it’s needs first, evaluate if the site designated for it will be suitable, and then make sure that conditions are kept as close to the species’ natural conditions as much as possible (especially during the first years of establishment).

    This first link shows HOW to plant a plant.  The second link shows how to IDENTIFY what problem the tree has if it doesn’t look all too happy.

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    Sometimes people simply plant the wrong type of trees. This means that people plant trees that are not suitable for the environment that the are planted in. It is important to plant native species because they can survive in the climate and won’t need nearly as much supplementing of nutrients and water because they are adapted for what nature supplies.

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