Why did the white house environmental advisor resign?



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    Van Jones resigned because of recent attacks from Republicans about certain actions he has made in the past. One specific incident was when he signed a petition to help investigate whether President Bush orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. His association with certain extreme left-wing groups and verbal attacks on Republicans have made much of the right angry with him. He thought it best to resign so that he would not take away from the environmental group’s goals.

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    Van Jones, Obama’s adviser for the Council for Environmental Quality, was recently the target of a smear campaign led by republicans that accused him of participating in extremist, liberal political campaigns that questioned the Bush Administration’s involvement in September 11th terrorist attacks. He has publicly claimed to not believe that the Bush administration was behind the attacks and prematurely signed a document without reading it. He was also in hot water for using slanderous and accusatory words to describe the republican party years ago.

    While adamantly claiming his innocence and ‘purity’, Jones resigned due to political pressure.

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