Why did we stop using and producing Zeppelins?



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    Technically, we haven’t. In 1997, there was a new zeppelin built: the LZ NT. It started doing commercial flights in 2001. Zeppelins are not used much at all these days. They kind of went out of style (not to mention they were incredibly dangerous) in the 1940’s. Zeppelins had many advantages: they were light, silent, and they could carry a lot of people. Zeppelins also had many disadvantages: they were filled with hydrogen (highly explosive), they weren’t made to be all that durable (they didn’t have a metal panel siding, they had a “skin”), and they weren’t as powerful as other aircrafts. The upgrading of engines for planes in World War II made the airplanes more powerful, thus making the zeppelin not only obsolete but very dangerous for the Germans to use. Coupled with the new airplanes, the crash of the Hindenburg in May of 1937 helped put the nails in the zeppelin’s coffin. Electrical discharges from the atmosphere made the Hindenburg catch fire and explode, killing 35 people. Proving that they were both obsolete and very dangerous really stopped us from producing and using zeppelins.

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