Why did we go away from using glass bottles for coke?



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    It hasn’t truly gone away, as you can still buy Coke in glass bottles in some stores, and Mexican Coke often comes in glass as well. However, glass has several drawbacks on plastic, mostly because its heavier, making it more costly to transport, can break, and costs more. But it is also less prone to interaction with the cola, which is why many people prefer it when they can find it.

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    Coca-cola still has a few production lines for glass bottles.  When I worked at Coke, we still got Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite shipped to our warehouse from Waco, TX and Red Wing, MN.  Coca-cola in Mexico is also often still bottled in glass. 

    One reason they discontinued use of glass bottles is to minimize the weight of shipping.  The empty plastic bottle weighs much less than a glass bottle and will reduce shipping costs.  In addition, many plants now have what is called a “blow mold” line, meaning they can make their own bottles on site from smaller plastic tubes, thus reducing shipping costs.  Additionally, coke bottles were often re-used, but using plastic removes the need to wash and sterilize the bottles before re-filling.  It may seem more efficient and environmental to use glass (and it may be, I don’t know all the data on the matter) but it could be that with the new improvements plastic is better, supposing it makes its way to the recycling rather than the landfill.

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