Why did San Francisco prohibit toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals?



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    San Fran didn’t specifically ban the Happy Meal, but they did pass a law requiring any meals served with toys to meet certain nutritional requirements.  Several fast-food chains serve meals with toys, but McDonalds’ Happy Meal does not meet the agreed-upon nutritional guidelines and therefore is effectively banned until the Meal is up to San Francisco’s standards.

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    This is because people think that kids just want the toys in the Happy Meals. They make unhealthy selections (kids). They aren’t interested in healthy eating, just getting a toy. I live in San Francisco, and believe it or not, I think kids should just make healthier choices instead to bribing their parents for a toy. Also, the food are unhealthy, and didn’t meet up to the standards. They didn’t ban it stiff, because I see those little toys everywhere. They thought about it, though.

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    Putting toys in fast food meals is a type of advertising to children that is actually banned in most countries except the United States. Many California policy makers acknowledge the connection between over-consumption and advertising, specifically to children. Moreover, the over-consumption of fast food perpetuates the epidemic of obesity. Many argue that commercial advertising to children trains them to be overconsumers in their adult lives, which is why San Francisco attempted to ban toys in happy meals. I have linked a documentary below illustrating the link between commercial advertising to children and over-consumption.

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