Why did researchers put glow in the dark genes in plants? Is there any known benefit for glowing in the dark?



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    There is a possibility that there could be a huge benefit—Lights that don’t need to be plugged in.

    Plants and animals can store chemical energy in their bodies. There are some special reactions which occur that give off light. They are attempting to figure out a way to charge up these bodies with energy that the plants can get from the sun, and then cause a reaction to go off at a later time which will provide the user with light! I think this is super cool, because if you could have these on at night, and use the natural light of the sun during the day, there would be no need at all to have electric powered lighting fixtures (except on cloudy days, but that depends on how well the chem-energy lamps would be able to work—maybe enough energy could be collected on bright days to last you through the cloudy days until the next shine!)… There is a moral, ethical issue associated with this; do we want to be manipulating nature to this extent… or just go back to a way of living where we do not need to use so many stinking bright, lights!?

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