Why did this reaction of essential oil in a Styrofoam cup occur?

I use pure essential oil bought from BLU SCENTS called BREATHE EASY: A blend of Mentha Piperita, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Citrus Limon, Eucalyptus Globulus. The moment I poured hot water into the Styrofoam cup, lots and lots of bubbles forming around walls of the cup where the essential oil came in contact with. Soon there were holes tiny and large ones appearing. I inhaled the steam and shortly after, I got headache; it smelled toxic and I had to quickly get rid of it. Some parts of the Styrofoam cup became thin.



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    That is an interesting reaction. Certain things actually melt styrofoam, including gasoline. Acetone is another one. Most likely there was an amount of acetone in your essential oil. Acetone is used in many fragrances, including colognes. 

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