Why did President Obama’s Energy and Climate Change Advisor resign?



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    According to Carol Browner, the former Energy and Climate Change Adviser to Obama, there was ‘no back story-it was just time to go,’ although there has been speculation that Browner resigned due in part to the fact that the House of Representatives is now controlled by Republicans. A comprehensive energy and climate bill failed to pass in a majority Democratic Congress last year, and now that the GOP is the majority in Congress Obama has said the legislation is ‘likely dead.’ Browner was also criticized by Obama’s oil spill commission when she misspoke by saying most of the oil was gone in the Gulf.

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    There seems to be much speculation over Carol Browner’s resignation from as President Obama’s Energy and Climate Change Advisor. While The New York Times believes that there may not even be a “backstory” to her stepping down, other rumors are flying.  Some believe that it may have be related to her “cap and trade legislation” that did not make it through Congess last year, others that she felt “frustrated” with other government officials. 

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