why did people kill snakes



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    Most of the time it may varies. People kill snakes becuase they are being under attacked. Other times, people kill snakes in order to use their skins for fashion purposes. In certain cultures, snake is a popular dish and people beleive that eating them will “relieve pain.” U.S. even eat snakes too, their main popular dish in the located in the South is “fry snake” which they use for big celebrations. 

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    Other reasons include: some people kill snakes to protect their crops or livestock. In some cases, snake killing is like a sport. I know in China, people kill snakes to make a wine out of them. 

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    A large number of snakes are killed because of people’s lack of understanding and fear of them. Snakes do not attack, they defend. They may strike if stepped on or surprised but the do not mount a pre-meditated attack. Snakes do not seek confrontations with humans and given the chance will try to escape. Even if a snake rears up or strikes and toward a person and misses, moving away slowly will allow the human to extract themself from their predicament. The majority of snake bites are caused by humans when they attempt to kill snakes. To put it simply, if you have had time to kill the snake you have also had time to move away from it peacefully. In Africa I have seen a Black Mamba chase a person, but that was only after he attempted to kill it with a large rock when the Mamba was sunning itself and not a threat – a defensive action. I am a licenced Advanced Snake Handler and I deal with snakes in the wild every day 🙂

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