Why did Patrick Moore leave Greenpeace?



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    Patrick Moore left Greenpeace in the mid-1980s, apparently very abruptly.  There is more than one story as to why exactly he left; Moore himself would probably say that he simply came to realize there were better ways to tackle environmental issues than the strategies he had previously been pursuing through Greenpeace.  According to Greenpeace’s official statement on Moore, he turned his back on issues he had formerly cared about, and sold out to the other side.  What’s certain is that since leaving Greenpeace, Moore has served as a consultant or spokesperson for a variety of not very green companies, including major players in the nuclear power, timber, and genetic engineering industries.  The media often refers to Moore’s past ties to Greenpeace as if these historical connections somehow give him green credentials.  However, whether or not you beleive Moore sold out to industry or is simply addressing environmental issues in a new way, what should be completely clear is that he no longer represents Greenpeace or any other major reputable environmental organization.  Moore’s current stances on many important issues are directly opposite to those of Greenpeace, and he has been more or less disowned by the organization he once played a major role in. 

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