Why did Norway ban fur from its fashion week?



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    Oslo Fashion Week banned fur due to the demands of the Norwegian citizens and the fashion industry. Well-known designers and fashion magazines teamed with animal rights groups like Fashion Against Fur (Mote Mot Pels) to petition and campaign against this trend. The impetus behind this anti-fur movement is the leaked video footage of fur farms, which displayed mistreated animals, some with missing limbs and infections. The discovery of the harsh realities of the fur industry and this resulting decision makes Norway the first country to take such actions against the Scandinavian cultural tradition of wearing fur.

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    Paul Vasbotten, the general manager of Oslo Fashion Week said that they banned fur from their runways “in order to increase ethical values in fashion.”  Hopefully this will be a new trend.  If and when designers can prove that they can create high fashion without fur, things could really change for the better.  I think people are slowly starting to find out the truths behind the fur industry, and it is turning them away.

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