Why did NBC turn down PETA’s Thanksgiving Day commercial?



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    The only reason given by NBC was that it didn’t meet their content standards, which seems unlikely since it contains nothing traditionally considered inappropriate. My guess would be that NBC doesn’t want the negative backlash when millions of people are put off their dinner by an ad on their network, not to mention the thousands of kids who would refuse to eat after learning where their meat really comes from. One of NBC’s biggest traditions is bringing people the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, and it would be a little naive of PETA to actually expect them to air something denouncing the traditional American Thanksgiving. More likely, they wanted publicity so that people would go watch the ad online, which you can in the second link below.

    Interestingly, NBC did not initially turn the ad down, but instead asked for more facts to back up the accusations in the ad. According to the US Sportsmen alliance, PETA sent “some of its outrageous propaganda.” According to PETA, this outrageous propaganda was an article from the New York Times.

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