Why did the Louisiana Governor want more offshore drilling?



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    The Louisiana State Governor surprised many by calling for more offshore drilling due to the crippling economic effect that it would have if offshore drilling were banned from the waters off the shores of Louisiana.  Already due to the spill he says that Louisiana is seeing the impacts of discontinued offshore drilling in the area, and despite the fact that Louisiana is likely to be the hardest hit by the oil, he is calling for more.  It actually makes sense as a governor because he is in charge of the people of his state for the term that he is in office, not the future.  If he can get the Louisiana economy to thrive while he is in charge, he will most likely be elected, and other than this spill, offshore drilling has been for the most part pretty safe.  I personally think that we need to slowly ween our way off of offshore drilling, but I understand his motives behind calling for more.

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