Why did lead based paint disappear a few decades ago?



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    Heavy metals, such as lead, can be very harmful, especially children and pregnant women. According to the EPA, lead exposure can cause problems behavioral disorders and learning disabilities to seizures and death. Lead-based paint can chip when it gets old or, when removed, can disburse lead-laced dust. This is why lead-based paint is no longer in use.

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    Because it was found to be very dangerous, especially to children and animals. The lead paint can hurt your lungs if breathed in. I highly suggest you don’t lick it or try to remove it! “Depending on the level of exposure, lead can cause damage to the brain and nervous system, behavior problems, slowed growth, headaches, difficulties during pregnancy, high blood pressure, digestive problems and muscle and joint pain. Lead can affect everyone in the family, but children are often at highest risk, especially small children who don’t hesitate to put things in their mouths–like paint chips that could contain lead.”

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