Why did it take so long for US automakers to start producing efficient cars?



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    The US auto industry has been in trouble for the past several years, and most auto makers are more interested in turning a profit and staying afloat than green living.  The fact’s that while US consumers preach that they want to go green, they’re not often willing to pay more money for greener products. More efficient “green” automobiles and hybrids, in general, cost more money to produce.

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    US car buyers did not care about efficiency. Manufacturers produce what the market wants.

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    I would argue, that US car manufactures still have not made cars all that efficient. Recent advances have been to appease green market desires, however you have to believe that the technology is available and if they really wanted to they could make much more efficient cars. The bottom line is profits– why try to make something better when you can get away with mediocrity while turning a profit.

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