why did the hippie movement start

why did people want to become a hippie and why did the movement even start?



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    The hippie subculture was a youth movement that happened around the mid-1960s and began in the United States. The word “hippies” comes from “hipsters” which was used to describe beatniks in the 1950s in the San Francisco areas. Both “hip” and “hep” come from African American culture and are used to describe “awareness.” The hippies were greatly inspired by the previous youth culture movement of the Beat Generation, and in turn they created their own communities, listened to psychadelic rock music, and embraced the sexual revolution and drugs. The movement started probably as a backlash to the repressive cultural norms of the 1950s. Youth culture is always very appealing because of its freedom, openmindness, and rebellion against old ways. People became hippies because of the spirit of the cultural moment they were living in and because it was a very open and accepting movement that appealed to people who wanted to live in a new way or try new things. 

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