Why did France abandon plans for a carbon tax?



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    There were a lot of political reasons France abandoned its plans for a carbon tax.  The main reason was the possibility that French companies would be put at a disadvantage to the companies of neighboring countries who would not have to pay such a tax.  In order to nullify the disadvantage, members of the French Parliament called for the tax to be agreed on by all members of the European Union, but such an agreement is very unlikely, so they were really indirectly throwing out the possibility of a carbon tax in France.

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    Sarkozy abandoned the carbon tax because he felt it would put France at a disadvantage compared to its European neighbors who do not have any sort of equivalent system. While a number of European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Finland do have carbon taxes, Germany does not, which would have made it difficult for France to compete with Germany. France seems to be taking the “all or nothing” approach to the C-tax, meaning that all of Europe should employ the tax as well. If France had implemented this tax, they would have been the largest company to do so. 

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