Why did a doctors group sue the USDA over vegetarianism?



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    The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) petitioned the USDA to consider an alternative to MyPyramid, the traditional model of nutrition also known as the Food Pyramid. PCRM is suing the USDA for ignoring the petition and therefore the overwhelming evidence that meat and diary are not as essential as MyPyramid suggests. Many nutritionists now recommend the Power Plate, a four part diagram of food groups that encourages eating a variety each day. Since obesity has been declared an epidemic, and diet-related diseases plague American citizens, PCRM feels that the government is not moving to address these problems and instead are protecting the economic interests of agribusiness.

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    A doctors’ group known as the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) sued the USDA because its members believe it was illegal for the USDA to ignore its recommendation to include a plant-based food pyramid. This group is known to advocate on behalf of vegetarian-related issues. As such, the PCRM believes that its vegetarian alternative (the “Power Plate”) is healthier than the current food pyramid because it believes there is more than enough evidence to show that meat and dairy products are “unnecessary and unhealthy.” The current USDA MyPyramid mandates that one should eat a certain amount of meat and dairy products, while the PCRM’s chart only uses legumes, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. 

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    There are many people that do believe that meat and dairy are “unecessary and unhealthy”, however, not all peope do and that includes doctors, scientist and nutritionist and this is how many business’ and the USDA can continue to work with the food pyramid as they do.  People should understand that if they elect to eat from the “Power Plate” plan that they must take a reliable source of vitamin B12, and although a vegan diet can provide ALA it does not provide ALA, DHA and EPA and the conversion from ALA to DHA and EPA only occurs in limited numbers of people – this is especially important for pregnant and lactating women. 

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