Why did China ban animal circuses?



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    The Chinese government has acted on pressure from animal rights activists and organizations including the Animals Asia Foundation and following an investigation by the Chinese State Forestry Bureau. Animal welfare campaigners have found what they consider atrocious treatment of animals connected to China zoos, including staged monkey fights, defanging baby tigers for customer handling, and serving rare animal meat at zoo restaurants. Training animals for forced performances endure shock treatment, whippings, and beatings, and according to the Forestry Bureau’s investigation, over 50 zoos contained animals afflicted with egregious wounds and evidence of abuse. The ban declares that all animals shall not be used for performances or shows, be served as meals, or be without proper housing that protects against disturbance and irritation. Also under the new rules, the selling of domestic animals such as chickens, goats and horses shall not be sold to customers to be thrust into predatory cat’s and watched eaten alive.

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    They want to stop animal abuse.

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