Why did botox become so popular?



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    One reason there are so many Botox procedures is that the effects only last for 4-6 months.  The procedure also works pretty well, which keeps people coming back.

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    Like greengenie said above, the effects aren’t long lasting, yet the effects are good, so once people get one botox and like their results, they keep coming back once the effects fade. Another reason is that people today have increased pressure by society and media to look younger and younger, and botox is a less expensive way to reduce wrinkles and sagging facial skin than going under the knife.

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    One reason that Botox could still be popular, besides the aesthetic benefits, is because of the emotional benefits from it. A study looked at the emotional effects after Botox treatment and found that volunteers took a longer time to answer questions about infuriating and unhappy situations. So there may really be something to the old adage of “Smile! You’ll feel better.” Hopefully, more studies will take place to ensure that Botox isn’t simply causing apathy and latent feelings that will later explode.

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