Why did BBI spy on Greenpeace?



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    Becket Brown International (BBI) was a private security company hired by PR firms working for companies fighting environmental organizations. BBI operatives spied on Greenpeace while the environtmental advocacy group was trying to expose Kellogg and Kraft for exporting genetically modified foods. In so doing, BBI operatives were “dumpster diving,” burglarizing, obtaining financial records and posing as students looking work.

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    BBI was supposedly hired by companies like Kraft Foods and Dow Chemicals who were at ends with environmental organizations like Greenpeace to obtain information, phone records, and internal documentation. Also keep in mind that Greenpeace doesn’t act within restrictions of the law either. Supposedly they were infiltrating organizations like Kleenex and sabotaging products. It’s hard to tell exactly what was going on because so much of the information is slanted, partial, or just plain fabricated.

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