Why did ancient Egyptians refer to the Nile’s annual flooding as a “gift?”



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    Ancient Egyptians benefited from the Nile’s floods because the floodwaters left nutrient-rich silt behind them, replenishing the soil so that crops could be grown there.  Though the floods naturally disrupted life along the Nile, people were used to dealing with flooding, and apparently recognized the importance to agriculture.  The Nile’s floods turned an area where it otherwise would have been very difficult to grow crops into rich and fertile farmland.  The existence of the Nile’s floods may even have been essential to the success of ancient Egypt’s civilization.

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         The ancient Egyptians called their country the “black land”, after the fertile black silt deposits the floods left behind. The Nile not only allowed the ancient Egyptians to grow crops, it provided a means of transportation. Even today, most Egyptians live on the small area of arable landnext to the Nile.

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    Ok the other answers are not helpful at all but the month they didn’t to farming is flood season and this is a 6th grade answer so that’s not something from like high school book

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