Why did all the horoscopes change?



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    According to Parke Kunkle, a member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, the horoscope change in 2011 was necessary because the Earth’s axis has shifted in the last 3000 years. A new zodiac sign has been added: Ophiuchus, and all the other existing signs are now under different dates.

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    For a long time, astronomers and scientists knew that the horoscopes followed by many people people were somewhat incorrect, due to earth’s ever-shifting axis.  The zodiac signs are based on constellations in the sky; the sun “aligns” with these different zodiac constellations during different months.  The horoscopes changed because they were no longer corresponding to the placement of the sun among the known zodiac signs, and so now they have been corrected.

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    In the beginning (in Roman and Babylonian times) star signs were determined by the constellation in the sky that the sun lined up with at the time of your birth.  The horoscopes were changed to correspond with the placement of the sun among the zodiac signs that are based on constellations in the sky.  But, since those early times, astrologers have adopted a mathematically equal division of the ecliptic, so the position of the constellations is no longer relevant,  so nothing has changed for most of them.

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