why is the design of an eco town unappealing ?



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    The design of an eco town is unappealing to some mostly because it’s different, and a lot of people don’t really care for to much change.

    The American Dream of the suburbs has become such a reality that now people strive to move into a suburb to start there lives. The traditional is a bothersome component when trying to move ahead to an eco town idea.

    However there is hope, a lot of very environmentally sound homes are coming into creation that don’t look to drastically contemporary and are becoming more popular therefore it will make it more affordable.

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    If you speak of the eco-town plans in England, there are several reasons that thousands of protestors were against the idea.

    The proposed plans of some sites were extremely dense in housing, some as much as 75 houses per hectare, an inner city density in a rural area.

    Also, only 40% of the homes built would be considered affordable.

    The land used for these eco towns are considers of “outstanding natural beauty” and concerned people worry that the construction would ruin much of it.

    The sheer amount of grassroots protesting has been enough to slash funding to a lot of these sites and reevaluate plan procedures.

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    The planning and design of an eco town tend to be more costly because the methods of project development and implementation are not conventional. Technologies and materials are newer, so those are more costly as well. For example, designing LEED certified buildings is considered by many to be too expensive and time-consuming. Also, the benefits of an eco-friendly design don’t materialized right away, so the higher costs paid in the beginning seem to be too risky of an investment for many. 

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