Why is decentralized solar a good idea?



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    One reason why a decentralized solar setup is good is that it’s less wasteful and therefore more efficient. 30% of energy from centralized energy (solar or otherwise) is lost in transmission. Other reasons for decentralized being better than centralized solar include the advantage of the whole power grid not going down if there’s a problem – issues would be confined to individual homes/buildings. It also uses up less “usable” space than centralized – we don’t need to use land where trees could otherwise grow – it puts unused and unnecessary space to use (rooftops). Decentralized strategies also don’t require huge government investments, which is a plus.

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    Elifitz references many valid points. Another point is that decentralized solar is all about energy independence and community sustainability. Community solar gardens will protect a local area in the event of the centralized grid going down, and the same is true of rooftop solar systems. Decentralized systems are a really good idea for geographical areas that have more than 6 hours of peak sunlight each day.

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