why is the dead sea so famous to scientists?



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    The dead sea is famed for it’s incredibly high salt content (1.24 kg/L), or salinity, and as such the water exhibits strange, and notable qualities. Swimming in lake is particularly difficult, but floating incredibly easy.

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    Although nothing can live in the Dead Sea itself, it is fed by fresh water springs that develop several oases along the shore. These oases are a stopping point for 300 species of migrating birds, a water source for animals native to the area, including leopards. This is also the lowest point on Earth, 1300 feet below sea level, and maintains up to 33% salinity.  The Dead Sea Scrolls were found here as well, ancient manuscripts lending a huge contribution to Biblical History. 

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    The Dead Sea is important to scientists because the layers of sediments beneath its surface will provide an accurate record of climate change and earthquakes in the region. Thicker levels of sediments would indicate wetter years, thinner levels of sediments would indicate dryer years, while broken layers of sediments would indicate that an earthquake happened. These layers are not only useful for scientists, but also for biblical scholars seeking to find out whether certain climactic and geological events really happened during biblical times. Since only the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea and no river flows out of it, the layers of sediments beneath its surface are remarkably well-preserved. In addition, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Earth’s surface.

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